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Truth is available to all, but you must seek it.
Livestream for Sunday, May 26, 2024
Will stream on schedule at 10:30 am EST, on YouTube, and on Rumble.

Most Recent Updates

Livestream from 5/19/2024 - Jewish World Dominion, Predestination, Remarrying after Divorce, Refuting the Rapture
Livestream from 5/12/2024 - The Second Death, The Northern Lights, Casting out Demons, NDEs (Near Death Experience)

Moana vs Maui (Released May 20, 2024)
In August of 2023, Lahaina, Maui was devastated by fire from the sky. Why did this happen? If we had listened, Disney was so kind as to tell us exactly what was going to happen in the animated kids movie, "Moana."
Watch "Moana vs Maui" on Rumble!

Upcoming Videos

  • "The Cataclysm of Rome, Part 4: War of the Ages"
  • "Symbols and Signs"
  • "The Destruction of the Occult Nazis"
  • "God as Satan, the Rise of the Neo Magi"

Series in Progress! - The Cataclysm of Rome

Part 1: The Council of Nicaea (Released March 14, 2024)
Was the Council of Nicaea a triumph of Christianity over internal heresy? Or was it something else altogether. Does the history of the Fall of Rome give us insight into what was really going on in the centuries after Christ walked the earth? This study may shake the foundations of Christianity.
Part 2: The Origins of Islam (Released March 30, 2024)
A new religion appeared on earth that had never been seen before... a pagan prophet receives a new vision and starts what would become one of the largest religions in history. Islam. How it started. What it accomplished. Who it exterminated. Who was behind it. What did Islam's conquests pave the way for?
Part 3: The Holy Roman Empire (Released May 6, 2024)
The Catholic Church and Rome was reborn as the Holy Roman Empire. What caused this entity to spring back to life after the supposed "Dark Ages"? Was this new church and monarchy a Christian organization?
Part 4: War of the Ages
The events discussed throughout this series paint an amazing picture of our history. We will step back to the 10,000 foot view of history since Christ and view the timeline of events of the most fundamental struggle of all time. We will have a front row seat to the struggle of Good versus Evil. You will see it mapped out and clear as crystal.

(ETA: May 30, 2024)

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