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Truth is available to all, but you must seek it.
Livestream for Sunday, February 25, 2024
Will stream on schedule at 10:30 am EST.

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Who is Godzilla vs Kong? (Part 3)
Feb 21, 2024 by SciCry

Sequel to Who is Godzilla King of Monsters?. Learn how Godzilla partners with another Titan, Kong, to defeat an insidious evil that threatens the world as we know it. Find out who Kong represents, and what will happen in our future.
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Who is Godzilla? (Part 1)
Jan 6, 2024 by SciCry

The movie Godzilla 2014 reveals some amazing things about the time we live in, and the people struggling for power. It is right in front of our eyes.
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Who is Godzilla King of Monsters? (Part 2)
Jan 15, 2024 by SciCry

Want to know the future? Pay attention. In this sequel to Who is Godzilla? we will see what unfolds, as the King of the Monsters causes the Titans to bow the knee.
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