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Timeline of the Years Surrounding 70 AD

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Some material taken from bible.ca

Ant – Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews at SacredTexts
Wars – Josephus’ Wars of the Jews
Eus – Eusebius' Ecclesiastical Church History
Cass - Cassius Dio, Roman History mollerhaus tufts.edu
Seut - Suetonius

year date event source caesar bible
51 AD :!: Earthquake in Rome Tacitus Nero
51 AD :!: Earthquake in Judea, massive Josephus Nero
59 AD Oct ? :!: Nero has his mother murdered Cass 61-16.3 Nero
59 AD Oct ? :!: During his mother's funeral, the sun suffered a total eclipse
and the stars could be seen
Cass 61-16.3 Nero
59 AD Oct ? :!: As Nero's dinner is brought to him, lightning strikes it and
consumes it in front of him
Cass 61-16.3 Nero
61 AD :!: Earthquake in Colossae, Hieropolis, Laodicea, destroys all 3
cities, only Laodicea is rebuilt
Tacitus, Eusebius, Orosius Nero
61 AD :!: Earthquake in Crete Tacitus, Philostratus Nero
61 AD :!: Earthquakes in Smyrna, Miletus, Chios, and Samos, in “all places
the Jews had settled”
Philostratus Nero
62 AD Apostle James is thrown from the temple pinnacle by High Priest
Ananias, and beaten to death with clubs
Ant. 20. 19-203 Nero
62 AD - Earthquake in Pompeii, Italy. On a feast day honoring the guardian spirits of the city. Seneca the Younger in Natural Questions Nero
62 AD Oct Jesus ben Ananus runs through the city crying “Woe”, for 7 years Wars 6.5.3, Eus 3.8.1 Nero
62 AD Oct 7 Feast of Tabernacles Nero
63 AD Nero
64 AD Jul Great Fire of Rome Nero
64 AD Apostle Paul beheaded in Rome by Nero Nero
65 AD Apr 3 Light shines around the temple for a ½ hour Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apr 3 Star appears as a Sword over Jerusalem, lasts a year Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apr 3 Comet appears in the sky, lasts a year Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apr 9 Passover Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apr 9 East gate of Jerusalem opens by itself Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apr 9 Virgin cow gives birth to a lamb in the temple Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD May 16 Angelic armies are seen waging war in the heavens, and around
Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Jun 2 Pentecost Nero
65 AD Jun 2 Priests in the temple felt an earthquake and heard a multitude
of voices saying “Let us remove hence!”
Wars 6.5.3 Nero
65 AD Apostle Thaddaeus crucified by Magi in Persia Nero
65 AD :!: Apostle John receives the book of Revelation Rev 17:7-13 Nero
65 AD :!: Earthquakes in Laodicea and Campania (“during the reign of Nero”) Tacitus, Philostratus, Seneca Nero
66 AD Nero
67 AD Feb 6 Countdown of 3 1/2 years of Tribulation starts Nero
67 AD Jewish high priesthood ceases, high priest is drawn by lots Wars 4.3.8 Nero
68 AD Jun 8 Galba becomes Caesar Wars 4.9.2 Galba
68 AD Jun 9 Nero commits suicide Wars 4.9.2 Galba
68 AD :!: Earthquake in Rome Seutonius Galba
69 AD Jan 15 Otho becomes Caesar Wars 4.9.2 Otho
69 AD :!: A comet was seen Cass 65:8 Otho
69 AD :!: The moon eclipsed twice, 3 days apart (Wednesday, Saturday) Cass 65:8 Otho
69 AD :!: People saw 2 suns at once, one weak/pale and one brilliant/powerful Cass 65:8 Otho
69 AD :!: Huge footprints seen by soldiers at the capital, they said that
the door of temple of Jupiter had opened by itself,
some fainted
Cass 65:8 Otho
69 AD Apr 17 Caesar Otho murdered, Vitellias becomes Caesar Wars 4.9.9 Vitellius
69 AD :!: Moon is eclipsed, appears both blood-colored and black, and gave out
other colors, days before Vitellius' death
Cass 65-11 Vitellius
69 AD Dec 22 Caesar Vitellius beheaded, Vespasian becomes Caesar, Titus’ army sent
to Jerusalem
Wars 4.11.4, 4.11.5 Vespasian
70 AD :!: Earthquake in Jerusalem, accompanied by a violent storm, rain,
continuous lightnings and thunder, as if an indication of
coming destruction
Wars 4.4.5 Vespasian
70 AD Mar 7 Titus' army arrives Wars 5 Vespasian
70 AD Mar Jesus ben Ananus killed by catapult stone Wars 6.5.3 Vespasian
70 AD Aug 6 Temple burnt to the ground Wars 6.4 Vespasian
70 AD Aug 6 :!: Roman Day of Saturn Cass 66-7.2 Vespasian
70 AD Apostle Matthias stoned and beheaded Vespasian
70 AD Apostle Bartholomew flayed to death with a whip in Armenia Vespasian
70 AD Apostle Andrew crucified in Patras, Achaea Hippolytus Vespasian
71 AD Vespasian
72 AD Flavian Amphitheatre built with Jewish slave labor Vespasian
73 AD Apr 15 Fortress of Masada falls to the Roman armies, Jews commit group suicide to avoid imprisonment Vespasian
79 AD Aug 20-24 Mt. Vesuvius erupts and buries Pompeii and Herculaneum, the seats of sexual depravity in the Roman empire. The day after the feast of Vulcanalia. Cass 66.22 Titus
79 AD Aug 25 Mt. Vesuvius spews poisonous gas. Cass 66.22 Titus
80 AD - Fire in Rome burns down the temples of the pagan gods. Cass 66.24 Titus

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