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Dispensationalism, the Trojan Horse of the Apocalypse

Released: Jan 9, 2023
984 views on Youtube as of Sept 24, 2023
How Dispensationalism came to be the number one eschatology in the world. And who may have been pushing it along, and for what reasons.
#dispensationalism #zionism #apocalypse

(00:01:05) John Nelson Darby
(00:07:38) Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
(00:12:56) What is Dispensationalism?
(00:20:05) Progressive Revelation
(00:21:45) Arguments Against Dispensationalism
(00:27:36) Growth of Dispensationalism
(00:36:16) Historical Context
(00:52:32) Dark Connections
(00:58:43) Who Benefits?
(01:02:35) The Great Lie

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