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When will the Lion lay down with the Lamb?

Released: June 9, 2019
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When will the Lion lay down with the Lamb? You may have heard this phrase from other Christians all of your life, but do you know where it comes from? We will find in the Bible where this phrase comes from, and study the context of the verse.

1. When will the lion and lamb lay down together?
- Millennium? - why?
- what would it mean for the lion and the lamb to lay down together?
- is the lion God?
- is the lamb Jesus?

2. Go to Scripture
Isaiah 11:6 - read
Isaiah 65:25 - read

3. Get context for Isaiah 11, read it
verse 1 - jesus
verse 6-7 - animals... chart of tribes
verse 8-9 Jesus

4. Context, Isaiah 65
new heavens, new earth
*Charles Spurgeon

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