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The Septuagint and the Everlasting Father

Released: September 14, 2020
226 views on Youtube as of March 29, 2022
The Septuagint and the Everlasting Father, does Isaiah 9:6 call Jesus Christ the "everlasting Father?"
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KJV: https://biblehub.com/kjvs/isaiah/9.htm
Septuagint: http://www.ecmarsh.com/lxx/Esaias/index.htm
Codex Vaticanus: https://digi.vatlib.it/view/MSS_Vat.gr.1209
Codex Sinaiticus: https://codexsinaiticus.org/en/manuscript.aspx?book=14&chapter=9&lid=en&side=r&verse=6&zoomSlider=0
Peshitta: http://www.peshitta.org/
Dead Sea Scrolls, Isaiah Scroll: http://dss.collections.imj.org.il/isaiah

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