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Fire in Rome Destroys the Temples of Roman gods in 80 AD

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Root ... Pompeii

Link: http://moellerhaus.com/Diocassius/dio66.htm

After Titus becomes emperor... Reign 23 June 79 – 13 September 81 In Cassius Dio, Epitome of Book LXVI (66), 24 http://moellerhaus.com/Diocassius/dio66.htm However, a second conflagration, above ground, in the following year spread over very large sections of Rome while Titus was absent in Campania attending to the catastrophe that had befallen that region. It consumed the temple of Serapis, the temple of Isis, the Saepta, the temple of Neptune, the Baths of Agrippa, the Pantheon, the Diribitorium, the theatre of Balbus, the stage building of Pompey's theatre, the Octavian buildings together with their books, and the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus with their surrounding temples. Hence the disaster seemed to be not of human but of divine origin; for anyone can estimate, from the list of buildings that I have given, how many others must have been destroyed. Burned by Vesuvius... temple of Serapis temple of Isis Saepta temple of Neptune Baths of Agrippa Pantheon Diribitorium theatre of Balbus stage building of Pompey's theatre the Octavian buildings together with their books the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus with their surrounding temples https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/ancient-cultures/ancient-near-eastern-world/the-destruction-of-pompeii-gods-revenge/

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