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CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency

List of illegal CIA actions

(not comprehensive)

  1. 1947-1953: Operation Paperclip: Recruited Nazi scientists for Cold War research, overlooking war crimes.
  2. 1950s-1960s: Operation Mockingbird: Allegedly manipulated media and journalists to spread propaganda. Ongoing.
  3. 1953: Operation Ajax (Iran): Covertly orchestrated overthrow of Iran's Prime Minister Mossadegh.
  4. 1950s-1970s: MKUltra: Secret experimentation on unwitting subjects with mind-altering substances. Ongoing under new program designation.
  5. 1954: Guatemala Coup (Operation PBSUCCESS): Toppled democratically elected President Arbenz.
  6. 1960s-1970s: Operation CHAOS: Monitored and infiltrated domestic anti-war and civil rights groups.
  7. 1961: Bay of Pigs Invasion: Botched attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro's Cuban government.
  8. 1960s-1980s: Secret Wars in Laos and Cambodia: Supported anti-communist forces, led to civilian casualties.
  9. 1960s-1980s: Contras in Nicaragua: Provided aid to rebel group accused of human rights abuses.
  10. 1970s: CIA Involvement in Chile (Project FUBELT): Assisted in coup against President Allende.
  11. 1970s: Angola Intervention: Backed anti-communist rebels in Angolan civil war.
  12. 1980s: Iran-Contra Affair: Illegally sold arms to Iran to fund Nicaraguan Contras.
  13. 1980s: Arming Afghan Mujahideen: Supported fighters, some later joined Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
  14. 1980s-1990s: Haiti: Supported coup against President Aristide, led to instability.
  15. 1990s: Support for Kurdish Groups: Backed Kurdish factions, later faced reprisals from Turkey.
  16. 1990s: CIA and Yugoslav Wars: Provided intelligence to Bosnian and Croatian forces.
  17. 2000s: Post-9/11 "Enhanced Interrogation" and Detention Program: Used controversial interrogation techniques, some deemed torture.
  18. 2001+: Extraordinary Rendition: Transferred detainees to countries with records of torture. Ongoing.
  19. 2010s: Edward Snowden Revelations: Exposed mass surveillance programs, global privacy concerns.
  20. 2011: Osama bin Laden Raid: Controversial killing of Al-Qaeda leader without due process.
  21. 2017: Vault 7 Leaks: WikiLeaks revealed CIA cyber espionage tools.
  22. 2020s: Julian Assange Espionage Case: Pursued espionage charges against WikiLeaks founder. Ongoing*
  23. Ongoing: Drone Strikes and Targeted Killings: Critics decry civilian casualties and lack of transparency.
  24. Ongoing: Support for Authoritarian Regimes: Alleged cooperation with oppressive governments.
  25. Ongoing: Cyber Espionage and Disruption: Engaged in cyber operations for intelligence gathering and sabotage.
  26. Ongoing: Surveillance and Data Collection: Excessive domestic data monitoring.


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