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The Book of Noah, 4Q534

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Several groups of small fragments from Qumran Caves 1, 4 and 6 appear to be the relics of a Book of Noah mentioned in Jubilees x, 13 and xxi, 10 and reproduced in an abbreviated form in Aramaic in the Genesis Apocryphon 11ff. and in Enoch CVI (cf. J. T. Milik, DJD, I, 84- 6; 152; DJD, III, 116-19, 136). 1Q19 and 19bis are remains of a Hebrew version; 6Q8 and 19 belong to an Aramaic Noah narrative.

1Q19, fr. 3

… [to] his father. And when Lamech (Noah’s father) saw the … [the child made] the rooms of the house [shine] like the rays of the sun … to frighten the …

Frs. 13-14

… for the glory of your splendour … for the glory of God… [will be] liftedin glorious majesty… will be glorified amidst [the sons of h]eaven and …


I … of his hand: his two kn[ee]s. [And on his head] on his hair a birthmark of reddish colour. And the shape of a lentil (will be) on [his face?], and small birthmarks on his thigh. [And after t]wo years he will know (how to distinguish) one thing from another in his heart. In his youth, he will be like… [like a m]an who knows nothing until the time when he knows the three Books. And then he will acquire prudence and learn und[erstanding] … w[ise] seers come to him, to his knees. And with his father and his ancestors… of brothers will hurt him. Counsel and prudence will be with him, and he will know the secrets of man. His wisdom will reach all the peoples, and he will know the secrets of all the living. And all their designs against him will come to nothing, and (his) rule over all the living will be great. His designs [will succeed], for he is the Elect of God. His birth and the breath of his spirit… and his designs shall be for ever…

4Q536 (4Q534, fr. 7)

… Blessed be every m[an who teaches his sons the doctrine of wisdom]. For he will not die in the days of wickedness. Woe to you, O fool, for your mouth will deceive you by … (incurring) the death penalty. Who will write these words of mine in a book that will not decay, and keep this word of mine [in a scroll (?) which will not] fade away? Behold … and the pleasure of the wicked will cease for ever…


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