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A Sermon on the Flood, 4Q370

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4Q370 is a rewritten account of the Noah story based on Genesis vi-ix; two fragmentary columns have survived, only the first of which is suitable for translation. The composition itself is pre-Qumran. Both the Tetragram and the divine name ‘el are used.

4Q370 (4Q185)

I [And] He crowned the mountains with pro[duce] and poured food on them, and he satisfied every soul with good fruit. ‘Whoever does my will, let him eat and be satisfied’, says [the Lo]rd. ‘And let them bless [my holy] name. But, behold, they have done what is wicked in my eyes,’ said the Lord. They rebelled (?) against God through their ac[tio]ns, and the Lord judged them according to all their ways, and according to the thoughts of the inclination of their [evil] hearts. And He thundered at them in [His] power, and all the foundations of the earth [tr]embled, [and the wa]ters burst forth from the abysses. All the windows of heaven opened, and all the abyss[es] overflowed [with] mighty waters. And the windows of heaven [emptied out] rain and He destroyed them by the Flood… Therefore everything [perished] on the dry land; and men, beasts, birds and winged creatures [died]. And theg[iant]s did not escape … And God made [a sign… and] set His bow [in the cloud] that He might remember the covenant… [that there might no more be on earth] waters of flood… and that the mass of waters [might not be let loo]se… II (combined with 4Q185) … their wickedness when they know (how to distinguish) bet[ween good and evil… For behold], they sprout forth [like grass], but a shadow are their days o[n the earth. And now pray hearken to me, my people; heed me, O you Simple for from everlasting] to everlasting he will have mercy… the might of the Lord. Remember the mira[cles which he did in Egypt and his marvels in the land of Ham. Let your heart shake] because of fear of him, and [your] soul will rejoice according to his good graces…


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