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What is Heaven like? God's Cosmology.

Released: April 8, 2021
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We will examine the location and structure of heaven, and cosmology in general, from a Biblical and extra-Biblical perspective. We will use the Bible, and pseudepigraphal and Christian works to build a clear picture of what heaven is like.
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Blog post: http://www.bible-scribe.com/bible-topical-studies/what-is-heaven-like-gods-cosmology

(00:02:07) - Outline
(00:03:20) - Sources
(00:06:05) - Biblical References
(00:17:13) - Apocryphal References
(00:26:24) - First Heaven
(00:32:40) - Second Heaven
(00:37:31) - Third Heaven
(00:44:37) - Fourth Heaven
(00:48:19) - Fifth Heaven
(00:52:50) - Sixth Heaven
(00:56:44) - Sevent Heaven
(01:06:32) - God's Cosmology (diagram)

Main Sources:
3 Baruch
Apocalypse of Abraham
Ascension of Isaiah
Gospel of Bartholomew
Gospel of Nicodemus
Kebra Nagast
Testament of Levi

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