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The God of Genocide

Released: August 29, 2020
246 views on Youtube as of March 29, 2022
Was the God of the Hebrews a psychotic madman, comitting genocide against the Canaanite nations? Can we prove that in fact He is justified in His actions? Do you even know the whole story? Let's research this.
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Quick jump links:
(00:00) - Intro and Outline
(03:36) - What is genocide?
(09:06) - Did God commit genocide?
(10:31) - History of the Flood
(15:32) - History of the Giants
(25:17) - The Ziggurats
(32:56) - History of the Canaanites
(44:46) - The Midianites
(50:53) - The Amalekites
(55:52) - Was God Justified?
(01:03:00) - Summary

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