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Israel Only, or Everyone

Released: December 27, 2020
421 views on Youtube as of March 28, 2022
Is the Bible and all prophecy about Israel ONLY? Or are you and I included in anything the Bible or Christ says? We will scour the Bible and a lot of contextual writings to discover the answer.
#israelonly #fullpreterism #hyperpreterism #preterism

(00:03:38) - Describing Israel-Only
(00:17:29) - Ancient Pseudepigrapha
(00:20:25) - Pre-Christian Jewish Writings
(00:31:24) - Early Christian Writings
(00:41:57) - The Old Testament
(00:51:51) - The New Testament
(01:03:35) - The Biblical Thread
(01:12:01) - Summary

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