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Is there None Righteous? A Rebuttal of Total Depravity.

Released: June 5, 2022
Studying Romans 3 and the context, we may find that Romans 3:10 means something different than we have been told. The context and audience is key for this passage, and having a correct understanding of the nature of man - and whether Romans 3 is even discussing the nature of man.
#calvinism #totaldepravity #righteousness

(00:01:51) - Outline
(00:06:21) - Does "righteous" mean righteous?
(00:11:25) - Does the Bible call anyone righteous?
(00:21:48) - Old Testament context.
(00:37:33) - Context from Romans 1,2.
(00:40:17) - Reading Romans 3 in context.
(01:02:20) - Conclusions.

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