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Understanding Sin and the Law, Do Christians have to obey the Law?

Released: July 31, 2020
142 views on Youtube as of March 29, 2022
Do Christians have to obey the Law of Moses? Many think so. They define Sin as disobedience to the Law. Is this correct?
#mosaiclaw #hebrewroots #lawvsgrace #godslaw

Quick-jump links:
(00:00) - Introduction
(01:49) - Outline
(02:55) - Why is this important?
(05:06) - Excepts from Viewer Comments
(07:44) - What was the Law for?
(19:19) - What did Jesus say about the Law?
(24:19) - What is Sin?
(29:06) - Was there Sin before the Law?
(35:18) - Argument that the Law defined Sin, 1 John 3:4
(38:56) - What does the New Testament say?
(46:10) - What did the Early Church Fathers say?
(48:00) - What do extra-Biblical writings say?
(58:50) - Sketches of Timeline of Law, and Flowchart of Law

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