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The Prayer of Enosh and Enoch, 4Q369

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Ten fragments, including three large ones, have survived of a manuscript written with Herodian characters, apparently recording prayers. There is no direct reference to the persons in whose mouths the words are placed, but the context seems to indicate that the first fragment is associated with Enosh, who according to Gen. iv, 26, was the first human to call on the name of the Lord. Since line 10 in fr. 1, col. 1 mentions Enoch, the editors have made a reasonable inference in attributing to him the prayer in fr. 1, col. 11. Fr. 2 alludes to a war against the lands without any context and frs. 3-9 contain nothing intelligible.

Fr. I

I … all their fe[stiv]als in their ages… of Thy marvels, for from old times Thou hast ordered for them his judgement until the age of determined judgement through all everlasting commandments. vacat [Kenan was from the fourth generation and Mehalalel] his [son] was the fifth generation. [ … and Jared his son. And Jared his son was sixth generation and Enoch] his son. Enoch was seven[th] generation…

II Thou hast imparted Thy name as his inheritance to make Thy name dwell there… She Jerusalem?) is the glory of the territory of Thy land and on her [Thou] … Thine eyes on her and Thy glory shall be seenthere for… to his seed for their generations an everlasting possession and al[l] … Thy good judgements Thou hast purified him for… in everlasting light and Thou hast established him for Thee as a first-bor [n] son… like his, as a prince and ruler for all the territory of Thy land… [the] c[rown] of the heavens and the glory of the clouds Thou hast set [on him] … and the angel of Thy peace in his congregation and… [given] him righteous rules like a father to his son… Thy soul clings to his love… for through them Thou [hast established] Thy glory

Fr. II

Frag. 2 [ . . . ] custody of the angel of intercession [ . . . ] 2[ . . . ] Your [st]rength. and to fight against all the la[nds . . . ] among them Your rewards (retributions?) [ . . . ] 4[ . :. . ] and Your judgments You] make marvelous among them [ . . . ] s[ . . . concern]ing [a]ll Your works [ . . . ]



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