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4Q299-301 The Book of Mysteries

These fragments expound the familiar theme of the struggle between good and evil, but their nature is difficult to determine.

1Q27 combined with 4Q300, fr. 3 and 4Q299, fr. 1

I … all {so that they might know the difference between g[ood and evil] …} (4Q300) the mysteries of sin … {all their wisdom} (4Q300). They know not the mystery to come, nor do they understand the things of the past. They know not that which shall befall them, nor do they save their soul from the mystery to come. And this shall be the sign for you that these things shall come to pass.

When the breed of iniquity is shut up, wickedness shall then be banished by righteousness as darkness is banished by the light. As smoke clears and is no more, so shall wickedness perish for ever and righteousness be revealed like a sun governing the world. All who cleave to the mysteries of sin shall be no more; knowledge shall fill the world and folly shall exist no longer.This word shall surely come to pass; this prophecy is true. And by this may it be known to you that it shall not be taken back. Do not all the peoples loathe iniquity? And yet it is spread by them all. Does not the fame of truth issue from the mouth of all the nations? Yet is there a lip or tongue which holds to it? Which nation likes to be oppressed by another stronger than itself, or likes its wealth to be wickedly seized? And yet which nation has not oppressed another, and where is there a people which has not seized [another]’s wealth? …

4Q299, fr. 3a 4-6 (4Q300 5)

… And what shall man be called … wise and righteous, for man has no … , nor concealed wisdom save the wisdom of wicked cunning and the de[sign of] … a deed that shall not be done again except … the word of his Maker. And what shall a m[an] do … who rebels against the word of his Maker, his name shall be expunged from the mouth of all … Listen, you who hold up [truth (?)] … eternity and the plans of existence and the thou[ghts] … every mystery and establishes every plan. He is the author of all [that is to come.] He is from before eternity. ‘He’ is His name and for e[ver] …

4Q300 1a-b ii 4=4Q299 2 i 14

… [the sorc]erers, experts in sin, have uttered the parable and proclaimed the riddle in advance. And then you will know if you have considered … and the attestations of heave[n] … your foolishness for the [s]eal of the vision is sealed away from you. And you have not considered the mysteries of eternity and have not comprehended understanding. Th[en] you will say … for you have not considered the root of wisdom. And if you open the vision, it will remain shut from you … all your wisdom for the … is for you … his name for [wh]at is thehidden wisdom …

4Q301 Fr.1

I will cause my spirit to flow and I will divide my words for you according to your kinds … [a p]arable and a riddle. And those who search for the roots of understanding together with those who hold unto the [wonderful] my[steries] … those who are silly, and the scheming men for all the acomplishments of their actions …


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