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The Damascus Document, 4Q266

Cairo Damascus (CD) & Dead Sea Scroll 4Q266-273 (4Q266) C14 Age: 1) AD5-80 2) 45 BC-AD120 (Subrange) / Paleo. Age 100-50 BC (4Q267) C14 Age: 1) 168-51 BCE (Stuiver et al. 1998); 2) 172-98 BCE (Subrange)

Geniza manuscript A 1.4-10

“And in the period of wrath, three hundred ninety years after He had handed it (the Temple) over to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylonia, He remembered them (Israel) and caused to grow from Israel and Aaron the root of a plant (i.e., the sect). Then they understood their transgression and knew that they were guilty. They were like blind (men) groping on the road for twenty years. Then God paid attention to their deeds for they sought Him whole-heartedly, and He set up for them a Teacher of Righteousness to direct them in the way of his (the teacher's) heart.”

Column B19: "Forty Years" From Teacher to Desolation

From the day of the gathering in of the Teacher of the Community until the end of all the men of war who deserted to the Liar, there shall pass about forty years.

Column B20: "New Covenant" ; "Fountain of Living Waters"

None of the men who enter the New Covenant in the land of Damascus and who again betray it and depart from the fountain of living waters, shall be reckoned with the Council of the people or inscribed in its Book, from the day of gathering in of the Teacher of the Community until the comings of the Messiah out of Aaron and Israel.

He visited them and He caused a plant root to spring from Israel and Aaron to inherit His Land and to prosper on the good things of His earth. And they perceived their iniquity and recognized that they were guilty men, yet for twenty years they were like blind men groping for the way. And God observed their deeds, that they sought Him with a whole heart, and He raised up for them a Teacher of Righteousness to guide them in the way of His heart.



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