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4Q248 The Acts of a King

Also: “Conquest of Egypt and Jerusalem” or “Acts of a Greek King”


The story told in this ten-line fragment, which contains only broken lines, resembles the account of Daniel 11 concerning the ‘King of the North’ (Antiochus IV Epiphanes) who invades Egypt and ill-treats Jerusalem.


… in Egypt and Greece and … Therefore they shall eat … their [s]ons and their daughters in a siege in … And (the Lord) shall cause [His] wind to pass [through] their courtyards and … he shall come to Egypt and sell her dust and … to the city of the Temple and shall capture her with all [her … ] And he shall turn against the lands of the nations and shall return to Egyp[t] … [And when the shattering of the power of the ho[ly] people [comes to an end] … When all these [come into being] the children [of Israel] shall return …


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