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The Wicked and the Holy, 4Q181

This text may have some spelling errors due to the nature of the OCR process.

… for guilt with the congregation of his people, for it has wallowed in the sin of the sons of men; (and it was appointed)for great judgements and evil diseases in the flesh according to the mighty deeds of God and in accordance with their wickedness. In conformity with their congregation of uncleanness, (they are to be separated) as a community of wickedness until (wickedness) ends.

In accordance with the mercies of God, according to His goodness and wonderful glory. He caused some of the sons of the world to draw near (Him) … to be counted with Him in the com[munity of the 'g]ods' as a congregation of holiness in service for eternal life and (sharing) the lot of His holy ones … each man according to his lot which He has cast for … for eternal life …


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