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The Copper Scroll, 3Q15

The inscription lists sixty-four hiding-places, in Jerusalem and in various districts of Palestine, where gold, silver, Temple offerings, scrolls, etc., are said to have been deposited. Allegro reckoned that the treasure amounted to over three thousand talents of silver, nearly one thousand three hundred talents of gold, sixty-five bars of gold, six hundred and eight pitchers containing silver, and six hundred and nineteen gold and silver vessels. In other words, using the post-biblical value of the talent as a yard-stick, the total weight of precious metal must have added up to sixty-five tons of silver and twenty-six tons of gold.

Col. I

1. A Horebbah which is in the Vale of Achor under the stairs which go eastwards forty cubits: a box (filled with) silver weighing in all seventeen talents. KEN. 2. In the tomb of… the third: 100 gold bars. 3. In the great cistern which is in the courtyard of the little colonnade, at its very bottom, closed with sediment towards the upper opening: nine hundred talents. 4. At the hill of Kohlit, containers, sandalwood and ephods (priestly garments). The total of the offering and of the treasure: seven (talents?) and second tithe rendered unclean. At the exit of the canal on the northern side, six cubits towards the cavity ofimmersion. XAΓ 5. In the hole of the waterproofed refuge, in going down towards the left, three cubits above the bottom: forty talents of silver.

Col. II

6. In the cistern of the esplanade which is under the stairs; fortytwo talents. HN 7. In the cave of the old Washer’s House, on the third platform: sixty-five gold bars. ΘE 8. In the underground cavity which is in the courtyard of the House of Logs, where there is a cistern: vessels and silver, seventy talents. 9. In the cistern which is against the eastern gate, which is fifteen cubits away, there are vessels in it. 10. And in the canal which (ends) in it: ten talents. ΔI 11. In the cistern which is under the wall on the eastern side, at the sharp edge of the rock: six silver bars; its entrance is under the large paving-stone. 12. In the pond which is east of Kohlit, at a northern angle, dig four cubits: twenty-two talents.

Col. III

13. In the courty[ard of] … in southerly direction [at] nine cubits: silver and gold vessels of offering, bowls, cups, tubes, libation vessels. In all, six hundred and nine. 14. In the other, easterly direction dig sixteen cubits: 40 tal. of silver. TP 15. In the underground cavity of the esplanade on its northern side: vessels of offering, garments. Its entrance is in the westerly direction. 16. In the tomb on the north-east of the esplanade three cubits under the trap(?): 13 tal. Col. IV

17. In the great cistern which is in the … , in the pillar on its northern side: 14 tal[ents]. °K18. In the canal which goes [towards … ] when you enter for[ty-o]ne cubits: 55 tal. of silver. 19. Between the two tamarisk trees in the Vale of Akhon, in their midst dig three cubits. There there are two pots full of silver. 20. In the red underground cavity at the mouth of the ‘Aslah: 200 tal. of silver. 21. In the eastern underground cavity at the north of Kokhlit: 70 tal. of silver. 22. In the heap of stones of the valley of Sekhakha dig (…) cubits: 12 tal. of silver.

Col. V

23. At the head of the water conduit … [at] Sekhakha, on the northern side under the large … dig [thr]ee cub[its]: 7 tal. of silver. 24. In the split which is in Sekhakha in the east of the reservoir of Solomon; vessels of offering. 25. Quite close to them above the canal of Solomon sixty cubits towards the great stone dig three cubits: 23 tal. of silver. 26. In the tomb which is in the wadi of Kippah (going) from Jericho to Sekhakha, at its entry from Jericho to Sekhakha, dig seven cubits: 32 tal.

Col. VI

27. [In] the eastward-looking cave of the Pillar with two entrances, dig at the northern entrance three [c]ubits; there is a pitcher there, in it a book, under it 22 tal. 28. In the eastward-looking cave of the base of the Stone dig nine cubits at the entrance: 21 tal. 29. In the Dwelling of the Queen on the western side dig twelve cubits: 27 tal. 30. In the heap of stones which is at the Ford of the High Priest

Col. VII dig nine [cubits]: 22 ... tal.

31. In the water conduit of Q … [the grea]ter northern reservoir, in the four direc[tions] measure out twenty-[fo]ur cubits: fourhundred talents. 32. In the nearby cave in the proximity of Bet ha-Qos dig six cubits: six silver bars. 33. At Doq under the eastern corner of the guard-post dig seven cubits: 22 tal. 34. At the mouth of the water exit of Koziba dig three cubits towards the rock: 60 tal., two talents of gold.


35. [In the wa]ter conduit on the road east of Bet Ahsor, which is east of Ahzor, vessels of offering and books and a bar of sil[ver]. 36. In the outside valley … at the stone dig seventeen cubits underneath: 17 tal. of gold and silver. 37. In the heap of stones at the mouth of the Pottery ravine dig three cubits: 4 tal. 38. In the westward-looking stubble-field of ha-Sho, on the south side, at the underground chamber looking northwards dig twenty-four cubits: 66 tal. 39. In the irrigation of ha-Sho, at the stone sign in it, dig eleven cubits: 70 tal. of silver.

Col. IX

40. At the ‘dovecot’ (small opening?) at the exit of ha-Notef, measure out from its exit thirteen cubits, two tusks and, on seven smooth stones, bars (corresponding to) four staters. 41. At ‘Violet-scarlet’ over (past?) the eastward-looking underground chamber dig eight cubits … (?): 23½. 42. In the underground chambers of Horon, in the seaward-looking underground chamber in the narrow part (?) dig sixteen cubits: 22 tal. 43. At Qob‘ah a large amount of money offerings (?). 44. At the ‘sound of waters’ (waterfall) close to the edge of the gutter on the east side of the exit dig seven cubits: 9 tal. 45. In the underground cavity on the north side of the mouth of the gorge of Bet Tamar in the parched land of … (?), all that is in itis herem (= devoted to the Temple). 46. At the ‘dovecot’ which is at Mesad, at the [water] conduit,

Col. X southward at the second stair descending from the top: 9 tal.

47. In the cistern next to the canals fed by the Great Wadi, at the bottom: 12 tal. 48. At the reservoir which is in Bet Kerem going to the left of ten notches: sixty-two talents of silver. 49. At the pond of the valley of ‘YK (?) on its western side is a ma’ah coin coupled with two ma‘ahs. This is the entrance: three hundred talents of gold and twenty pitched vessels. 50. Under the ‘Hand’ (= Monument) of Absalom on the western side dig twelve notches: 80 tal. 51. At the pond of the privy of Siloa under the watering-trough: 17 tal. 52. [At … ] in the four

Col. XI angles: gold and vessels of offering.

53. Next to them under the corner of the southern portico at the tomb of Zadok under the pillar of the covered hall: vessels of offering of resin and offering of senna. 54. Next to them at the … (?) at the top of the westward-looking rock towards the garden of Zadok under the great closing stone which is at the conduit: devoted things. 55. In the tomb which is under the galleries (?): 40 tal. 56. In the tomb of the Sons of … (?) the Yerahite, in it: vessels of offering of cedar, offering of resin. 57. Next to them, at Bet-Eshdatain (Bethesda), in the reservoir where you enter the small pool: vessels of offering of aloes, offering of … (?) 58. Next to them, at the western entrance of the tomb is a channel over … nine hundred [tal. of silver]

Col. XII 5 tal. of gold.

59. Sixty talents at its entrance from the west under the black stone.60. Near to them under the threshold of the sepulchral chamber: 42 tal. 61. On Mount Gerizim under the stairs of the higher underground cavity a box and its contents and 60 tal. of silver. 62. At the mouth of the spring of Bet-Sham vessels of silver and vessels of gold of offering and silver. In all, six hundred talents. 63. In the great underground duct of the sepulchral chamber towards the house of the sepulchral chamber. The whole weighing 71 talents and twenty minas. 64. In the underground cavity which is in the smooth rock north of Kohlit whose opening is towards the north with tombs at its mouth there is a copy of this writing and its explanation and the measurements and the details of each item.


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