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Don Preston's Millennium Deconstructed

Released: July 17, 2020
326 views on Youtube as of March 29, 2022
Don Preston has a view of the Millennium that is shared by many Full Preterists and Partial Preterists, alike. Many other eschatologists share this Amillennial view as well, making the Millennium something completely metaphorical and ignoring the clear teaching of Revelation 20 on this topic. In this video my goals are to:
- Return people to a literal view of the Millennium, as stated clearly in Rev. 20
- Remove misconceptions of a metaphorical Millennium timeframe, and its sequence in the eschatological timeline
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Quick Jump Links:
(04:05) - My Perspective, a breif summary of my perspective on the Millennium
(09:37) - Video Segments, from Don Preston's video on the Millennium
(30:13) - Don Preston's biggest problems, points and arguments against Don's view
(57:50) - The Exodus Motif, a comparison of Don's view of the Second Exodus, and a more correct view

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